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Particle physics has “antiparticles,” but does laser physics have “anti-lasers”? Actually, it does, thanks to the folks at Yale University, who have come up with a proof-of-concept device that absorbs specific wavelengths of light in the reverse of the method for generating light at specific frequencies. I wrote about it for the Newsroom section of OPN’s website. Read it now, before it vanishes behind the OSA-members-only paywall.

In other news, this is the week that OFC/NFOEC happens in Los Angeles, Calif. It’s a huge conference devoted to all aspects of fiber optics and optical communications. I’ve attended the meeting a couple of times — in 2007 and 2008, I think. This year, OFC/NFOEC has a social media hub that links to the OFC/NFOEC blog. As of now, that blog contains mostly pre-conference musings, but I suspect that will change over the next few days.

Speaking of blogs … since this site is new, I’ll be adding links to the blogroll as I find them. I’m looking for good blogs on the optical sciences, astrophysics, and science journalism. If you have any nominees for my blogroll, please send me a link through the comment section below. Thank you in advance!


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