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When you Google yourself, you never know what you’ll find.

Specifically, I was looking to see if some of my old “clips” from my days at Government Computer News were still on the Web. Now, it’s no surprise to me that people have poached content from GCN and uploaded it to their own websites — heck, one of my GCN colleagues found that a product review he’d written had been translated into Ukrainian! But sometimes people comment on the most unusual details.

For instance, I found a reference to the headline of one of my GCN stories in this Usenet thread that discussed the phrase “bleeding edge.” (I didn’t use that phrase in the article itself — it came from the copy desk.) Some of that thread, with additional commentary, reappears here.

One blogger quoted me in June 2007 (nearly six years after I wrote an article on “energy vampires”) and another cited my work in a report criticizing the Federal Enterprise Architecture program (never my favorite topic of conversation, I must admit). I’m listed on page 16 of an engineering professor’s CV under the subhead of “media reporting about our research.” I’m even cited in a thesis done at the Naval Postgraduate School.

My, how my words have gotten around to some unexpected places.


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