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One week to CLEO:2011

One week from today, the CLEO:2011 conference in Baltimore (Maryland, U.S.A.) will have its first full day of programming (though there are a few happenings on Sunday). CLEO is OSA’s largest laser-related conference and has been held since at least 1981; it may have been called CLEA before then, although I’m a little foggy on the historical details.

Last year’s CLEO in Silicon Valley began with a big celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first working laser. This year’s meeting will have more “normal” programming (no bluegrass/rock concert, sad to say), but it should be no less interesting in terms of the new research being presented.

This gathering used to be called “CLEO/QELS and PhAST,” with the latter two acronyms standing for “Quantum Electronics and Laser Science” and “Photonic Applications, Systems and Technologies,” respectively. A couple of years ago, OSA got rid of the PhAST moniker for its applications- and business-related conference tracks, and now the QELS part seems to be de-emphasized. The themes are the same, though.

(Incidentally, when I say “OSA” here, I should specify that the three co-sponsors of this conference are OSA, the IEEE Photonics Society and the American Physical Society’s Division of Laser Science. However, the OSA event staff does the hands-on management, and the team works plenty hard to pull off CLEO ever year. Go Team!)

I’ll be covering CLEO:2011 for the OPN blog, so watch for my posts next week!


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