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Now this is interesting. Lee Mather blogged at that low-level red laser light can activate certain kinds of tooth-whitening gel and thus increase the effectiveness of the whitening treatment. The first link in that blog post takes you to a longer Biophotonics magazine article about lasers in dentistry.

I have to admit that I’ve pretty much dodged writing about lasers in dentistry because I have that old-fashioned fear of the dentist. My own dentist, who is as calm and positive a presence as anyone in his profession, says I have too much old dental work in my mouth for him to use lasers to drill my teeth. So I guess I’m stuck with my nemesis, the mechanical drill.

But perhaps I could go in for a whitening treatment at some point, and it won’t be as bad as drilling. Sometimes it’s a shock to see an “ordinary person” appear on TV with non-whitened teeth, because we all get used to watching professional “talent” with blindingly brilliant choppers.


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