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Welcome again!

If you’re coming to this blog from my feature article on light pollution in the July/August issue of OPN, welcome!

I mentioned my blog at the end of the article for the simple reason that I found out way, way more information about light pollution than I could ever cram into a magazine article of a manageable length. And news is always coming out about the subject, even as I sit here and type this. So I thought I’d experiment by blogging updates to my article, at least for a month (or two, since OPN combines its July and August issues into one).

First off, if you are on Facebook and don’t already “Like” my science-writing page, please do so! On some days, it’s just easier to forward an interesting link that someone else posted than to do the writeup myself. Of course, on my Facebook page as well as on this blog, not all the posts are concerned with light pollution. However, I try to keep them reasonably focused on science topics that I find interesting or novel.

Second, the world’s premier organization fighting light pollution, the International Dark-Sky Association, also has a Facebook page. I follow it closely.

Although I wish I could write more tonight, I hate to spend too much time on a single entry right now. Thanks to this weekend’s derecho, electrical power in my region is tenuous. I had one outage from Friday night through yesterday evening, and a second blackout for about two and a half hours tonight. I’m not entirely convinced I won’t get a third before things get back to normal.


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