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As if someone at PBS headquarters was reading Optics & Photonics News (I wish!), PBS has scheduled the wonderful documentary The City Dark for its “POV” summer documentary series.

I saw The City Dark earliest this year at an environmental film in Washington, D.C. Why, yes, I just happened to be working on my OPN article at the time, but I would have appreciated the movie even if I had no plans to write about light pollution. It’s just more lyrical and expressive than I can manage. (I used to think I was pretty eloquent, but that was back in the day when electric typewriters still set the standard for individual written communication.) And it had Neil deGrasse Tyson. I’ve seen Neil deGrasse Tyson in person a couple of times, most recently (well, a couple of  years ago) at a retirement “roast” for longtime American Astronomical Society press officer Steve Maran. When it comes to communicating astronomy to the public, Neil deGrasse Tyson rocks my world.

Anyhow, you can watch the trailer for The City Dark on the PBS website and check the local listings for the film, because PBS stations often do their own thing. Supposedly, “POV” is a Thursday night feature, but here in the Washington area, WETA is airing the documentary on Saturday, July 7, at 11:15 p.m. Also check out for information where you can see it possibly on a larger screen than you have at home and/or with a bunch of like-minded people besides your own family.


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