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Even as I type this on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, folks are making their way to Baltimore for the SPIE Defense, Security, + Sensing conference. Since the recent bombings in Boston — terrible news that I, as a Massachusetts native,  have been following closely — terrorism prevention is back on the front burner, and, in the wake of those thermal images of the suspect hiding in the boat, I wouldn’t be surprised if the conference garnered some attention from the general press as well as the trade press.

Because this is an odd-numbered year, I’m wishing that CLEO would be held in Baltimore too, but alas, it will be on the West Coast again. This year, it will take place in June in San Jose, Calif. , and will have some mighty impressive plenary speakers.

I won’t be at either of these conferences because … well, I’ve got myself a day job, at least for the next few months. I’m doing some educational writing for a center that hasn’t yet opened. When it makes its debut in six months or so, I’m certainly going to plug it here!


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