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Question for my readers

I’ve got a few things to say in another post. First, though, I want to pick your brains.

Readers, do you like my blog layout? What do or don’t you like about it? WordPress has so many different themes. Originally I picked one that has an astronomical “look” right out of the box, so to speak. But I’m tired of the tiny type. I also realize that more people may be reading this blog on mobile devices, either on a mobile browser or on the WordPress app, which strips away the themes for readability.

So I’m throwing the question to you: How would you like my blog to look? What would make it more convenient for you?


Comments on: "Question for my readers" (2)

  1. Yvonne Carts-Powell said:

    I read your posts via email, so the layout doesn’t matter much to me.

  2. Robert Witt said:

    I just found, via Facebook, your Blog and have bookmarked it. Not familiar enough yet to voice an opinion, but thanks.

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